Wonderful range of beers

Looking for pubs in Great Abington? The Three Tuns is a stunning public house dating back to the 16th Century.

Situated on the main street in the picturesque village of Great Abington near Cambridge, its two bars are attractively furnished with low-back wooden settles and neat tables. Extensive parking is available behind the pub and both outside seating and a smoking area are available for guests to use.

The pub is a free house and the current owners, Chris and Karen, offer an extensive range of fine beers from many local breweries and as far afield as Austria!

In a single year we can serve as many as 200 different beers, including regular favourites and seasonal brews. We are also one of the few places in England to serve Austrian Stiegl lager on tap!

A small selection of our regular beers are shown below

Adnams Southwold Bitter

From the celebrated Adnams brewery in Southwold, with a history dating back over half a millennium, this delicious beer has a refreshing full flavour with distinctive malt aromas.

Greene King IPA

A stalwart of the Three Tuns. This wonderful beer has won many awards due in no small point to its hoppy taste and bold flavour.


We are also one of the few places in England to serve Austrian Stiegl lager on tap. The taste is at once mild and full-bodied, the perfect refreshment for any warm weather…

London Pride

The beer of the capital and the pride of London. With its wholesome flavour and equally rich history, its a beer for the ages.

Nelsons Revenge

A malty beer with depths of flavour to match the seven oceans. Nelsons Revenge is a delicious accompaniment to a sunday roast, or even a beef red curry.

Timothy Taylors Landlord

A wonderful Yorkshire brewed beer. Landlord is the definite pale ale, traditional brewed with water from natural springs, it never fails to delight.