Coronavirus actions / update

To all our friends and customers

Further to the recent Government’s announcements, we wanted to advise you that with the full support of our staff, we remain open, but with changes in how we can operate.

We have one way systems in place, we have opened our new dining huts for your enjoyment and have also created more outdoor space in our barn area so that groups of up to six can socially distance safely.

Staff have been trained, our cleaning regime enhanced and the care and safety of all visitors is a priority.  We have track and trace forms so we can inform you of any issues arising but hope that if we all follow the guidance this will not be necessary.

Our commitment to the standards we aim to achieve, service by service, will remain undimmed and we promise that you will always receive the warmest of welcomes here. We want to reassure you that we are also, of course, more than maintaining complete adherence to guidelines set out by the Government and the WHO.

In the light of Government advice, we also fully understand why customers would wish to cancel at this time and are completely sympathetic to your reasons. In attempting to find an appropriate balance given the news coverage and the complete dominance of Coronavirus in all aspects of life – we are also pragmatically assuming that all of our customers are fully aware of the situation and are also taking their responsibilities to themselves and to others in coming here seriously. That same assumption is why we are continuing to take reservations for the restaurant and for the rooms, and we heartily thank our many friends for their loyalty in doing so.

We are more than aware that we can be of use to our community in the coming weeks, and are working closely with local bodies as to how we might best utilise our kitchens and people! We are still providing a takeaway service, please call to arrange a pick up time.

Please accept our sincerest best wishes as we all try to work through this difficult period.

Chris & Karen
The Three Tuns

One Thought to “Coronavirus actions / update”

  1. Karen Langford

    Dear Chris and Karen
    Rosemary Mead kindly recommended us for the free weekly takeaway via Jeanie this week and suggested I call you. I left a voicemail on Friday so not sure if you received this as I know you are very busy.
    We had the most amazing takeaway that Chris delivered last Sunday as a treat. It was so lovely to taste your delicious food again and we were very grateful to you.
    Please let me know if you have received this message.
    Many thanks
    Karen and Esme 892732

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